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Our story

We are an electrode and cell producer driven by innovative technologies. We help people to bring their product ideas to life with our special know-how in chemistry, process engineering and mature technology.

The two founders, Marius Strack and Dr. Stefan Permien, are well-known in the industry for their deep-rooted knowledge in the battery business. Being absolutely passionate about the product and market, they decided to push the limits of cell production and to bring mass production to Europe. They have the clear vision of a world powered exclusively by innovative, renewable energies.

Their key approach: developing in-house expertise and building a talented team to be able to optimize production processes flexibly at any time.

The journey from the development of the initial business plan and the first seed funding to building a Gigafactory seemed to be still quite long. But more and more great people followed the vision of the two founders – and grew into a fantastic team. And now we are running a successful gigafactory, ready to scale up beyond 1.5 GWh – to power the future.

Image: Konrad-Zuse-Ring 1, 24220 Flintbek, Germany

Our location

Konrad-Zuse-Ring 1, 24220 Flintbek, Germany

70 people. One energy. No limits.

Image: Vera Schloen

Team Lead Human Resources

Vera Schloen

Image: Dr. Stefan Permien

CEO & Founder

Dr. Stefan Permien

Image: Kevin Bressler

Senior Sales Manager

Kevin Bressler

Image: Marius Strack

COO & Founder

Marius Strack

Image: Leo	Rose

Business Development & Sales Manager

Leo Rose

Image: Volker Jaeger

Senior Quality Manager

Volker Jaeger

Image: Dr. Wiebke Reichstein

Lead R&D

Dr. Wiebke Reichstein

“For us, the thoughtful handling of natural resources is very important. We optimize our processes to save resources and replace potentially hazardous substances with more environmentally friendly alternatives.”

Image: Dr. Stefan Permien

CEO & Founder

Dr. Stefan Permien

Diversity, equality, inclusion

Our belief

We are one team.

Every employee is of equal value and together we strive to achieve the goals we have set. The employees with their skills, abilities, experiences and personalities are the foundation of our company.

The hands-on mentality, the joy of our mission and of the overarching vision make us a strong and unique entity. We listen to each other and we learn from each other. Our foundation is trust, autonomy, open-mindedness, appreciation and transparency. The safety and health of all employees is essential. Nothing we do must run counter to that.

We condemn all forms of violence and stand for solidarity and social interaction. Human rights must be respected at all times. We endeavor to achieve this throughout our entire supply chain.
We strongly believe in diversity, equality and inclusion – and we work for these values every day.

The UniverCell Team

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